Why Do PRP Injections Work?

Why Do PRP Injections Work?

by Shearly (SU)

For some, PRP injections are like something right out of a science fiction movie. If you are injured, your doctor injects this concoction in the injury site that somehow heals you, but few actually know why and how it works. To understand PRP therapy, we must understand the components of PRP or Platelet-Rich-Plasma.

Blood Plasma is the beige-colored liquid that remains after you have taken the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets out of the blood. However, plasma still holds many important substances such as electrolytes, nutrients, and proteins. Plasma also has clotting abilities that make it vital to the healing process. Blood Plasma has been used for decades to treat medical emergencies such as burns and traumas due to the healing process in the liquid.

Platelets are tiny disc-shaped molecules that help your body stop bleeding by producing clots. When a vessel or cell gets damaged, signals are sent out that attract platelets to the needed site. While platelets are produced in large numbers, their size is so small that they only make up a small percentage of the overall blood volume.

During PRP Therapy, the patient’s blood is drawn and put into a centrifuge machine that separate platelets and plasma from the blood. When mixed together in this concentrated fashion, platelets and plasma work to produce an incredibly potent mixture that promotes clotting and healing.

The physician then utilizes ultrasound or endoscopic techniques to identify the EXACT area of the injury, this allows the physician to inject the site of the injury with the potent mixture. Once at the site, the platelets and plasma become activated and work to heal the injury faster.

By allowing the body to heal itself, PRP Therapy allows for a more natural way of healing. This makes PRP therapy more than just an idea, but rather provides hope for those who would like to be relieved from the pain they are suffering.

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